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Fire & Smoke Dampers

Uni-Air V-Grooved Blade Fire Dampers are high performance UL 555 classified with 1.5 hr./3hr. Rating fire damper, to ensure lowest resistance to airflow in HVAC systems with velocities to 2000 fpm (10.2 m/sec. ) And 4” w.g. ( 1000 Pa. ) May be installed vertically or horizontally ( with blades running horizontally ) and is rated for airflow in either direction.

Channel Frame : Made of Galvanized Steel (optional Stainless Steel ) 1.0mm thickness with slip type or flange type frames.

Blades : Galvanized Steel ( optional Stain Steel ) 1.2mm thickness with triple V grooved single or multiple blades are used depending upon size.

Fusible Links : Duro Dyne ( USA ) fusible link rating at 165°F ( optional 212° F ).

Fire Rating : 1.5hr ( 3hrs optional ).

V-Grooved Blade Fire Damper

Fire Dampers are required by the international uniform building code to maintain the required fire resistance rating of walls. Partitions and floors when they are penetrated by air ducts or other ventilation opening.

The Smoke Dampers is a safety device to control the spread of hot smoke in an emergency situation and to efficiently control the airflow in conventional air handling system. The Smoke Damper is an ultra low leakage damper, which operates safely up to 200°C. It will be supplied with parallel blades as standard ( opposed blades optional ).

The damper is supplied with actuator mounting assembly with or without actuator and sensor. Multiple sections are inter-connected with a solid drive shaft and provide together with individually adjustable internal blade linkages.

Smoke Dampers