Air Filters

Aluminium Filters. Hepa Filter Housing. Fan Filter Unit Laminar Flow Cabin.
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Washable Aluminium & Synthetic Filters

Washable filters made of Aluminium protection mesh, with Aluminium made frame with compatible of G2 Class & temperature resistance upto 300°C.

HEPA Filter Housing

Main demands of the clean room technology and especially in its pharmaceutical applications are the air-conditioning and also accordingly the air quality. Air distribution is generally made through the HEPA filter installed to its housing. Therefore, select and assembling the HEPA filter to its housing without leakage is very important. UNI-AIR HEPA Filter Housing consists of 3 main parts; the box, filter and the diffuser. Box has a duct connection port for air inlet at the top or at the sides. Filters can be chosen according to the room Class from H10 to H16.

Fan Filter Unit Laminar Flow Cabins

Laminar Flow Cabins with FFU's is made of special aluminium profiles and stainless steel frames. Cabins are either designed to be hanged from ceiling or comes with rolling wheels. Transparent curtains, velocity control switch, magnehelic manometers are some of the accessories. Laminar flow cabins with FFU supplies laminar flow achieving positive pressure in the cabin. These models are used only for laminar flow purpose. They can be designed any dimension according to the demand.