Air Handling Units

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Air Handling Units

The UNI-AIR Air Handling Units are designed to increase the building efficiency with high engineering standards to provide the requirements of cooling, dehumidification, heating, ventilation and air distribution to a conditioned space, pharmaceutical industry, food, high rise commercial buildings, hospitality sector and other industrial applications.

Unit Certification

The units are manufactured in a facility registered ISO 9001: 2008 manufacturing quality standards.
The units are tested according to European Standard EN 1886 (Certification in process) for Mechanical Performance and 13053 will be processed at later stage.
The Coil performance according to AHRI 410 (Certification in process) The fans are ACMA certified to meet market specifications.

Unit Construction

The units are manufactured by using latest technologies, with entire range of standard components, suited for different applications.

Unit Selections

Cooling Capacity, CFM, Water Temperatures and Filter Details are required.

Unit Air Flow Range

The Units are available from 1000 CFM to 25000 CFM.