Sand Trap Louver

Sand Trap Louver. Fresh Air Filter Assembly.
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Sand Trap Louver

Sand Trap Louver is used as per filter for protection of airconditioning plant and designed to separate large size sand particles at low to medium speeds, it can also be supplied (optional) with a bird screen mesh made of galvanized steel to protect against undesired objects. Insect screen of stainless steel can be installed as optional.

Sand Trap Louver is a self emptying system, it has a set of holes at the bottom face of the casing to discharge separated sand particles.

Sand Trap Louver is made of G.I. or Aluminium sections. It is composed of two sets of inverted U channels, mounted vertically on two opposite rows. Aluminium washable filter (optional) can be installed on the neck of the louver. Filter is 25mm or 50mm thick.

Fresh Air Filtration Assembly

Fresh air filter assembly may consists of the following items within a single housing.

  • Sand Trap Louver (F.A.I.L optional)
  • Aluminium bird screen
  • Aluminium pre-filter (optional Carbon Filter)
  • Volume control damper
  • Centrifugal Inline fan
  • Supply air adjustable grille